Winners and Entries

Multi Cash, Nintendo Switch Lite and FREE Draw – 9th April 21

Lux Draw and Hotel Chocolat Draw on 4th April 21 – Choice of 9 Luxury Prizes

Tonights Lucky Numbers are…

Ted Baker Draw, on 2nd April 2021

Congratulations J Barrow for winning the Gents Bag

Multi Cash, £100 Amazon Voucher and a Speaker on 26th March 2021

Multi Cash – 19th March 2021 – Good Luck

The Winners are…

  • J Steel £45 
  • G Hyde £15 
  • C Curtis £15 
  • JE Barrow £15
  • C Gladding £30 
  • K Williams £115 
  • J Marill £15
  • L2S Winner – C Jones
  • Facebook number 63

Mountain Bike and £50 Website Cred Draws – Sunday 14th

Well Done to Winner D Shaw

Mothers Day Draw for Spa Day for 2

Mothers Day Prize
Mothers Day – Premium Spa Day


Multi-Cash Bonanza – Friday 12th March 2021

And the Winners are…….

  • D Shaw – £15 x 3
  • C Gladding – £15 x 4
  • G Scott – £15 x 1
  • I Furdic – £15 x 1
  • J Steel – £15 x 1
  • D Shaw – Jackpot £100 Winner
  • M Peel – Wi-Fi Security Camera
  • S Razzaq – Comment Bonus – £5 Multi Cash Credit

Multi-Cash Bonanza – Friday 5th March

Multi-Cash for £250 of Cash prizes and a draw for the Crafty-Bitz Voucher

Tonights Draw Numbers are…

Lux Draw 28th February 2021

Lux Draw where you choose the amazing Lux prize of your choice – Good Luck

Fantastic Friday 26th February 2021

Multi-Cash for £200 of Cash prizes and a draw for the FREE TGI Voucher and the Facebook competition

Well done to the Winners below.

  • J Steel – £10
  • S Kochen – £10
  • L Giles – £20
  • J Marill – £20
  • C Curtis – £10
  • R Endean – £10
  • C Cummings – £110
  • C Ryan – £10

Number 11 was the winning number on the Facebook competition

TGI Friday Winner was P Hanby

Fantastic Friday 19th Feb 2021

Multi-Cash for £200, £100 Amazon and a FREE Draw for a Bluetooth Speaker. Be Lucky

Winners.Multi-Cash Winners

💰£10 winners: 

  • L Gregg x 3
  • J Barrow x 4
  • O Giles x 1 + £100 jackpot
  • J Steel x 1
  • J Marill x 1.

🛍 £100 Amazon Voucher – J Marill  ✅

🔊 Bluetooth Speaker – M Long ✅

Facebook winning number 🍀 Lucky number draw – 20

💬 Comment draw bonus winner – £5 free credits – Danielle Shaw

3 x Draws for Friday 12th Feb 2021 – Multi Cash, £30 Website Credit, Free Draw for a blender. Be Lucky.

Multi Cash Draw – Friday 5th February – Well done M Long, J Steel, G Hyde, and L Giles

Free TGI Friday Draw – 5th February 2021 – Well done J Stevenson


Dyson-Lux Draw – Sunday 31st December 2021 – Well done Jack Steel

Fantastic Friday Free Draw

Free Draw for a £25 Love2shop voucher -29th Jan 2021 – Well done E Shiel

Last One Standing for £250 + Colour Bonus – Entries – 28th January 2021 -Well done E Shiel

Free Draw for a £25 Love2shop voucher -22nd Jan 2021 – Ania Brochen

Last One Standing Entries – 21st January 2021 – Well done J Barrow

Free Draw for a £25 Love2shop voucher -15th Jan 2021 – Congrats S Cartwright

Last One Standing Entries – 14th January 2021 – Well done M Long

Sunday Night 10th January – £162 Cash – Well done D Barrow

Fantastic Friday Entries – 8th January 2021 – Congratulations G Scott

Last One Standing Entries – 7th January 2021 – Well done Laura Ryan for winning and scooping the £50 Colour Bonus – Well done for the £200 win!

Last One Standing Entries – 24th December 2020 – Well Done to Dan Barrow who scooped the £500 Jackpot

Free Christmas Eve Draw for £25 Love2shop Voucher – Congratulations to C Jones

Multi-Lux Draw – 20th December 2020 – Congratulations to J Steel, G Scott and G Hyde

FREE DRAW for £50 Love2shop Voucher – 18th December 2020

Last One Standing – £150 + £50 colour bonus – 17th December 2020 – Congratulations Jack Steel

Draw for the 3 x Christmas Hampers on Sunday 13th December 2020 – Well done to M Long and double winner G Hyde

Emma Presenting the Multi Draw for 3 x Christmas Hampers

Last One Standing – £150 + £50 colour bonus – 10th December 2020 – Congratulations G Hyde

Draw for the Hoverboard on Sunday 6th December 2020 – Well Done J Steele

Last One Standing – £500 + £50 colour bonus – 3rd December 2020 – Congratulating C Curtis

iPhone 12 – Sunday 29th November – £2 Draw – Well done to Jack Steel who wins the Amazing Blue iPhone 12

Entries for Fantastic Friday on 27th November – Well done to Hannah Thompson – £20 on its way.

Here are tonights Draw numbers for Last One Standing – Well done to Chantelle Gladding. Lightning Strikes twice – Double win, both with the colour bonus,…. two weeks running. 👏👏👏

Entries for Lux Draw on 22nd November 2020 – Well done Gary Scott

Entries for Fantastic Friday Free Draws 20th November 2020 – Congratulations to J Liversage

Entries for Last One Standing on 19th November 2020 – Well done Chantelle, who went on to win two weeks on the run, and bagged the £50 Colour Bonus too…. both times 👏👏👏👏☘️☘️☘️

Entries for 15th November’s Multi-Draw – Good Luck

Entries for Friday 13th – Free Draw for £20 of Love2Shop vouchers – Well done to H Thompson, S Kochen and B Miller who all won £20 of Love2Shop vouchers 😀

Entries for Last One Standing on 12th November 2020 – Congratulations to C Curtis who was the eventual last one standing.

Draw numbers for 8th November for AirPods or £200 Cash – Good luck

Entries for Fantastic Free Friday on 6th Nov 2020 – Well done to J Stevenson for winning the Fantastic Friday Draw and to A Levermore for winning the £20 Love2shop facebook comp. And well done to all the other winners listed below.

Here are the numbers for Last One Standing 6 on 5th November . Click to download, then view. -Congratulations to the winner G Hyde. £100 + the £50 Colour Bonus.

Entries for the Lux Draw on 1st November – Well done to D Barrow on number 347.

Free Draw on Friday 30th for £20 Love2shop vouchers – Well done to H Thompson

Well Done to Sophie Cartwright who won £100 on Red 4. The Colour Bonus was not won.

Entries Below for Sunday 25th – Apple Watch 6 or £350 Cash – Well Done D Barrow on 208

Entries below for the FREE DRAW on Friday Night 23rd October for £20 Love2shop vouchers – Well Done J Dee

The Numbers for “Last One Standing” on 22nd October for £100 Cash prize – Congratulations to G Scott on Blue 44

Draw numbers for the 18th October for the GHDs Platinum + – Well Done to our winner D Shaw

Draw numbers for Saturday Night 17th October for Beats Headphones – Well done to G Scott

Entries for Fantastic Friday FREE DRAW on 16th October 2020 for £20 Love 2 Shop Voucher – Well done to Y Barrow

Last One Standing on 15th October 2020

Entries for 11th October for an Electric Scooter – Well Done to J Barrow

Entries for 10th October for a VR Drone Set –

Free Draw for 9th October for £20 of Love2shop vouchers

Well Done to Gary Scott who won “The Last One Standing” on 6th October.

Draw for a Nintendo Switch – 4th October – Good luck

Tonights “Last One Standing” Draw entries. – Well done to A Barrow on Orange 14

Draw Entries for Sunday Night 27th September for the 32″ JVC TV

Well done to S Cartwright who took the Cash Alternative to the TV

Entries for 25th September Free Draw for £20 Love 2 Shop Vouchers – Well Done O Jones

Entries for the Shark Vacuum on 20th September – Good Luck
Here are the entries for 18th September – Fantastic Friday Free Draw
Well done J Moses, and thanks for the Photo

Multi Draw Winners for 11th September – Well done S Kettle, S Cartwright, R Endean, G Scott

Free Draw Numbers for the 11th – Well done to R Endean, G Scott, A Brochen, S Cartwright, D Shore, S Moore.

Free Draw Numbers for the 11th Sept 2020 – Well done to winner G Scott

Entries for the 6th September – Nintendo Switch – Well done S Moore

Draw Entries for 10th September 2020 for the Racing Truck – Well done D Barrow

Good Luck

Draw entries for 4th September 2020

Well done to J Hobbs who won on 4th September 2020

Congratulations Ania on winning this fabulous Dyson Airwrap on August 29th.

Draw Entries for 30th May

And the Winners were A Brochan, C Smyth, S Moore, B Peel and G Endean

Draw entries for 4th June

And the Winner was S Moore 12th Sept – Well Done

Winners…. well done Ross Lee-Ewins

Competition entries for 19th June Free Draw

And the winner was S Moore.

Entries for Fantastic Free Friday 26th June

Free Draw at
Well Done, S McInness with number 129
Well done for your Win Samantha on, and thanks for photo.

Entries for 3rd July – Good Luck

Well done to the winners John Stevenson and A Brochen who both won eVouchers
Congratulations to the winner A Brochen.
Well done to the five winners on FB. And A Brochen on site.
Entries for Draw on 24th July – Good luck